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1 min read    30 Jun 2017    

Why do I keep writing this stupid blog? Is it my version of , #100daysofwriting ? No.

In a manner similar to Amravs’ why metakgp and Hargup’s why metakgp, I have started writing down my experiences to keep track of my time, primarily how I pass my time. This is a way, of how I record things. It’s bound to get Too much Information every once in a while, so I’ll be keeping a tight check on that.

With every passing day, we remember less and less of what has past. I wish to change that, in a way creating a history of myself.

WTF. That’s not even remotely true. That only seemed good while writing. The real reason is, as beings with thought, we often have our own realisations. One thought often leads to other, and we often develop nice theories, of which we only share the results. I might say, “I understand why he never respects anybody” without even knowing that person. The thought process behind any judgement is crucial, especially to programmers. I am no way a genius with some ground-breaking theories. Heck, I’m not even a genius. But what I am, is a citizen of the internet who, every now and then, discovers an interesting artifact which must be known to the world, but due to lack of a proper medium, remains undiscovered. I wish to change that.

This blog is my medium. And also, Medium.com is full of clickbait-y titles with semi-baked answers. I don’t need the medium, I need a medium. A medium frappucino, that is. Sorry.


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