An imaginary character you shouldn't care about

1 min read    02 Jul 2017    

Has it ever happened to you, that you’re really excited to share some news in a group, and someone else steals your thunder and tells an even more interesting thing, and you realise no one is going to be interested in what you have to say anymore.

How about a comic book character, who constantly breaks the fourth wall, steals everyone’s thunder, and pisses off everyone. A character similar to Deadpool aesthetically. But we would need something to compensate this sort of behaviour. How about this character look like, err, PowerGirl perhaps? But what would be name such a character ? How about “Thunderwoman” ? Sounds good enough for a working title.


No, I am not a male chauvinist pig, Wonder Woman is still making rounds right now, and the name Thunderwoman has a good ring to it. But how would a conversation in the said comic book look like ?

Random Professor X: Finally after devoting 30 years of my life, I have developed a cure of cancer. I shall heal everyone with this, and make sure it is available to everyone.

*Enter Thunderwoman*

Thunderwoman: I just saved 10 people in a burning fire.

X: Ok, that is wonderful. But as I was saying, this cancer cure ..

TW: And I also defused the fire.

X: I just won a Nobel Prize for this.

TW: Again, saved a city from meteor shower.

X: Forget it. It’s pointless.

Narrator: And as everyday, our heroine Thunderwoman manages to steal thunder from another person’s sole moment of glory.

TW: Actually, I …

N: No. You do not get to interrupt me! You don’t mess with me !

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