Day 44: Perks of working in a startup

An attempt at understanding friendzone.

1 min read    15 Jun 2017    

TIL: G.O.A.T means Greatest Of All Time. Shouldn’t it be GAT since, we clearly never use USoA.

Does the Asian custom of removing shoes while entering one’s house primarily to avoid the dirt from outside to enter inside ? Or are there some other concrete reasons as well? A search on the internet suggests it avoids low level energies to enter the house, which is supposed to be spiritually pure.

I’m working in a startup for the duration of my summer holidays, and some interesting things I realised:

  • There is no seniority among your co-workers (That’s a good thing). Sure, you do ask more experienced people for help and the founders if you need anything, but really nothing apart from that. The whole environment is so informal, and all that I’ve spoken with the founders is how my work is going, if I need any help.
  • You don’t get co-workers, you get family. The reason I’m writing this is one of the employees was leaving today to continue their Post Graduation. I kid you not, I could feel the genuinity of the heart-felt words that were spoken, and how friends held themselves from crying.

For no reason at all, use Mega. IT is an awesome website with 50GB storage free, with generally great download speeds, and paried with (r/megalinks)[], it becomes every binge watcher’s wet dream.

Mongo is kinda shady. Converts/casts everything to an object. So these kind of errors might just piss you off:

Sorry, you cannot do this request, user123. Only user123 is permitted to do that.

The problem being, one of them is a string, and other an object. An easy way to distinguish between the two is mongo prints strings as "user123" and objects as user123 without the quotes.

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