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Quora is 💩

1 min read    03 Jul 2017    

To all the Quora sapiosexuals out there, can you get our heads out of your a**? , It’s not a hat!

For someone without context, just browse some posts on r/IndianPeopleQuora

Quora is where people write answers that soothes masses, without even really answering the question.

Then there’s the snowball effect:

People with huge number of followers are more likely to get more upvotes on a new answer. Because an answer is highly upvoted, more people are going to upvote it and eventually follow the person. This loop goes on and on.

So basically, you don’t even have to be good; you just need to spill out shit. People are going to read it and upvote it and follow you and eventually you’re going to be followed.

What makes it worse are people with thousands of followers actually claim this is true, and boast about it. I’m not being sour, because that would require me attempting to write more answers; which takes effort I don’t put in.


The ‘Downvote’ button on Quora is like complaining to a politician in India. It doesn’t make a difference. Downvoting a quora answer makes no difference, whereas in Reddit, you see your vote count. Downvote means downvote. Although a post can not have <0 upvotes, a comment can go well into negatives (huge ones at that). Communities are formed based on ideologies, points of interests, which are much more distinct from topics on Quora.

What makes me cringe is the number of Indian writers who have sworned in from God knows where to write really shitty answers, politically correct, trying to get more attention. I’m an Indian as well, so that should make it abundantly clear how stupid those answers must be. Read the following article on Quora from someone who has ~ 4K followers.

Sumit Chaudhary’s Quora blog

Here is an intro to subreddits written by me. Welcome to reddit 😄


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