Day 28: Would you recommend this?

1 min read    30 May 2017    

I have been working on urlparamify till 4 in the morning (I’m a sleep deprived zombie in human disguise), and now I think it is suitable enough to be posted in reddit to get some feedback from the community. Now, this is where things get interesting.

Notice the number of downloads. 107! I assure you, less than 5 were mine, so this was completely not my game.[This is by 10:27 AM] [3:44 PM] update: People just told me there are multiple mirrors of npm, due to which a lot of downloads might not be legit. 😞

I’m thinking of an Medium article about this anyway, to get more feedback from the opensource community. Perhaps write in freecodecamp’s ? Example. I do owe it to them for getting started to js.

Reading up on stream, personalised feed generation framework.

I would’ve normally smiled at this, but this quote is really great.

It happened gradually so you may have missed it, but Twitter has grown up. It started as a struggling three-tierish Ruby on Rails website to become a beautifully service driven core that we actually go to now to see if other services are down. Quite a change.

WTF Fact of the day: PageRank is named after Larry Page(co-founder, Google), not Page ka rank.


I’m too lazy to type it all, so here’s a collection of all the notes.

The infographic in this answer is good. Can’t say the same about the answer though.

A surprising result of demand, consumption - Facebook has not open sourced their EdgeRank algorithm which it uses to rate affinity between users and shows us posts in our feed. They could possibly (possibly kya, definitely) be reading all our pings, and data from google to aggregate posts. But not enough people are concerned about this. Facebook can basically say, “Yeah, we read everything. What you gonna do about it? “ and they can say that because it’s such a popular service, you cannot stay away from it.

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