Being strongly opinionated

Because most inspiring people are

1 min read    16 Mar 2018    

I had been mostly neutral in my opinions until last year or so , being accepting of all people’s opinions; keeping apart what my personal beliefs might be.

But knowing so many inspiring and successful people, like Linus Tarvolds, Mark Cuban, Richard Stallman are strongly opinionated makes me wonder, should I be strongly opinionated as well?

General discussions on reddit and human interactions revealed a lot of people agree that to be at the top (like CEO’s , founders, Managing Directors), you have to be strongly opinionated, and you cannot survive with agreeing to every other opinion.

What does strongly opinionated even mean?

It means standing by your opinions and decisions, no matter how much outrage they might cause. Just see this video starring Linus Tarvolds.

Mark Cuban stars on Shark Tank, a show where startups approach enterprise moguls for funding in exchange for stocks. Mark is a popular businessman, who is known popularly as the owner of National Basketball Association’s Dallas Mavericks. He has rejected several startups on the show some of which turned out wildly successful. When Cuban was asked had he made a mistake by not funding them, his reply was “I wouldn’t fund them at all. It’s really important for people who’re going to trust one another, and I didn’t see that happening.”

While trying to be strongly opinionated, sometimes what I said had really strong oppositions / did not fit in well in the conversation. But what matters is you should be able to recognise when you’re being pretentious, and when you’re being opinionated.

Does it help though? I’ll let you know in an year. !RemindMe 365 days.

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