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Moving to Bangalore temporarily? This might just help you.

2 min read    02 May 2017    

This post was inspired by Harsh Gupta’s Medium post “How to find a PG”

It was customary for a third year Undergrad to intern somewhere, to gain some experience and more importantly; feel better about their pathetic lives.

After a round of interviews, I was scheduled to work at a startup called Elanic, Bangalore. The profile was of a developer intern, of which I knew naught. I hoped to learn things on the fly, or just wing it.

But this post is not about Elanic. This post serves as an advice to ANYONE who would be going to Bangalore for the summers / winters.

First off, do NOT fall prey to local cab drivers. Either book a pre-booked cab (which costs around 1600₹), or best yet, book an Uber / Ola (~800₹).

If your intern comes with accomodation, great. Mine didn’t. So I had the additional burden on also finding a PG (Paying Guest). Here are the commandments for finding a PG in Bangalore:

  • It’s advised you stay at a relative / friend’s house for the first night, if you arrive at night, else you can start your PG hunt right then. If you’re co-interning with close friends, booking a PG becomes easier. Again, I didn’t. I cannot stress this enough. There are THOUSANDS of PG’s in Bangalore. Heck, there were 3 in 3-meter radius of where I was staying.

  • Do not take the trouble of finding the right PG before coming to Bangalore. Sadly, I did. The PG I had spoken to before coming to Bangalore promptly sent me to another PG, on a motorcycle. When I said, I’ll go there on foot, he denied, as if he had a sense of authority over me within 5 minutes of contact. I later realised. I crossed 5 PG’s before reaching my destination.

  • Find the closest PG from your office, mostly you’ll be walking to your office. So, it helps if your PG is within 1.5 - 2km of your office. Best to find a PG in a good neighbourhood, with daily needs shops, eateries, etc. according to your convenience.

  • KNOW YOUR ENTITLEMENTS: Most of the PG’s offer unlimited wifi, a washing machine, access to clean water, and 3 meals. Do not be impressed by the first PG you visit when they say they have wifi. It’s not a big deal.

  • KNOW THY NEIGHBOR: Best to know what kind of people also live there, school-going students, people with jobs, people looking for jobs, etc. While seeing what potential room you’ll be staying in that PG, ask the residents if they would suggest living there, or other PG suggestions.

  • Every PG charges 2000₹ additional, 1000 for maintainence (charged yearly), 1000 for safekeeping (returned at the end of your stay). Most PG’s charge from 6000 to

    1. Plan accordingly, seeing what renumeration you get at your intern.

That’s it. Another suggestion I would make is keep track of your daily transactions using a phone app, or whatever suits you. If possible, write down your daily experiences. It helps. I did.

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