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Nandi Hills jayega bro?

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The ride was 67 km long so I had to leave 1h45m early. I was assured upto 120 Kms on the hired pillion.

I left my PG at 3:15 am and reached the line for gate at 4:45. I was still 7.5 km from the actual spot. Bringing a jacket along wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

A lot of people on pillions. Since my light was faulty, I had to force myself to be ahead of people with great lights. If someone purposefully dominates you, it’s because something is wrong with them, not you. A flashlight would have been handy. I should’ve carried one on my ride.

So I went somewhere, on a crazy bike ride.

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To pass the time, people retorted to popular bollywood music and guitar jam sessions.

Since I made the decision to go there all alone, I also had to constantly monitor the path. Going on a trip like this solo was similar to being the captain, first man and steerer of a ship.

Its 5:30. In a commotion that seemed like the opening of the gates, everyone gets on their vehicle. And move precis 2 meters. A local informs the gate would be opened on 6. The gates are supposed to open at 5. But today is my lucky day, so they shall open the gates at 6. The road further is really curvy, which allows me, in part, to fulfill my dream of becoming a motocross racer. Going uphill didn’t seem like an uphill task, although going down might be.

There is a line for tickets as well. Although it is mentioned single {stag} entry not allowed, you can just buy tickets for 2 persons and get in. I was desperate, so I pretended to signal at an imaginary friend; as in to say I got the tickets.

This place is actually amongst the clouds. It’s really foggy and misty here, so bringing a jacket along is a really good idea.

Also Indian scenic beauty standards : Bhai, waha jaake lagta hi nhi India mein ho

The spot right to the temple has intensely heavy fog. Not kidding.

At 8:15,after I had seen most of what Nandi Hills had to offer, I decided to leave, primarily because my battery was dying.

At 12% battery, I still managed to ride 65 km without a clue of where I was going. I had covered 144 km exact in 4 hrs in 3 liters of petrol. Come to think of it, excellent mileage.

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