Day 47: Licensing and suggesting

An attempt at understanding friendzone.

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Some discussions revolving excurb1a’s video, Instructions for a happy life:

There is going to be a certain point of time after which I shall no longer be remembered by friends and family, hence meaning I would be forgotten and be history. Not until I do something extreme, either create or destroy something. [Genghis Khan is still remembered, isn’t he ?]

React is about states, right ? Well, so is life. I need to read about react a bit more. Like, not the docs, I’ve been trough them, but like, but the creator of React was thinking when he was designing react.

Philosophy is something I need to write about in more detail. Until recently, I’ve learned a lot of things that come naturally to you or seem pretty obvious to you, is not really that common of knowledge to others.

POLTICALLY CORRECTNESS: Where it’s right, and where it’s wrong

When do feminists turn feminazis

Despacito is a song realeased in Jan, but it’s really becoming popular now. #1 on itunes, and 3 days ago it was at 1.9 B. Right now, at 2 B. Gangnam style is going strong at 2.8 B, but not sure how long that’s going to last.

Add the medium style of rights in blog as well. Refer to creative commons.

Here’s the type of licenses I prefer: Attribution, non-commercial, no-derivatives

  • Attribution: Others can distribute your work as long as they
  • non-commercial: Others can use your work for non-commercial reasons only.
  • no-derivatives: Others can only distribute non-derivative copies of your work.

Now let me justify these choices. Clearly, I do want to reserve some rights over my content, but I am fully aware there is no way I can retain full rights, since once one is aware of anybody else is aware of your thoughts, their thought process are bound to be affected in ways, tangible or intangible. Middle out, some rights reserved. Attribution and non-commercial is pretty straight forward. Until recently, I did not use no-derivatives license, but seeing affluential people use it, I decided to use it, not because of peer pressure, but something that had happened to me in the past.

So this happened in Class 10, in 2012. A few selected schools were invited to send two representatives to the Times of India office for discussions pertaining teenagers and the conflict that goes around them. Now, to be completely clear, I had just completed a year’s subscriptions of TOI, and being accustomed to reading The Hitavada, an English newspaper much known in Central India, I practically loathed TOI by its design. My hatred for TOI was genuine and 5 years old atleast at this point, and not owing to some scam related to Deepika Padukone and TOI, or something similar. I firmly resented TOI at the very design level, and I’m not even considering the quality of news. That pretty much varies from journalist to journalist, and I would be wrong to say all TOI journalists are wrong. I, at no point, had a bone to pick against the journalists or editors at TOI, I hated TOI’s design is all. The local segment, Nagpur Times, had rarely news pertaining to Nagpur, the sports section was flooded with popular sports, and not all sports. Hitavada’s structure was something that made sense to me, so I understand if someone says TOI is their prefered newspaper [Again, I’m refering to TOI in the printed format, not their media outfits]. Unlike TOI, Hitavada has neat sections, the local section had news pertaining only to the city of distribution, and would make no sense to someone not a native of that town. The sports section had 2 segments internally as well, one for football and other covering coverage or articles concerning cricket. Now this design and segmentation would perhaps not make sense to someone outside India, or someone who is unaware of the impact that cricket had in young student’s lives, especially since match fixing and such affairs were much scarce compared to now. Coming back to the point where we started, TOI had the discussion. Since I had represented my school on similar topics on multiple occassions, it came as no surprise I would be going to this event as well. The discussion inside TOI was pretty friendly, and seemed mostly balanced. The room had some 12 teens and a couple of journalists representing the troubled parents. Everything seemed fine and jolly. Until the next day. When the article was published. The article had a lot of things what I spoke about in the correct sense and context that I had meant, but a lot of things my school mate had said were taken out of context, and mind you, they meant completely different when spoken inside the discussion room to me, and to my friend who read it to me the next day at school.

Now why would this matter you say? Because something that you’re speaking for 5 minutes to prove a point , if ultimately summarised using only the brief point would never make sense to a person who’s directly reading the punch line. A lot of Louis CK [A famous standup comedian]’s punchlines if taken out of context could be found offensive, but not to those who know the sense in which he implied them. This is one of the biggest problems of today’s times. When you’re speaking to somone either face to face or over the telly, you know their tone and context. But this is a problem I have faced in multiple WhatsApp chats, the words I have written are likely to be taken in a sense I never meant. For an example, a bunch of friends were planning a movie outing, and due to lukewarm response, we had to cancel it for the week due to prior commitments. Now, in a chill kind of way, I wrote back, “we can only consider this next week”. If taken out of context, these are the possible interpretations of just a single line:

  • I’m a whiny bit** and I want this movie plan to happen this week itself.
  • I’m angry and what a waste of time this has been. Why do I even talk to you guys.
  • I’m cool with it, and we’ll actually see about planning this next week. I’m totally cool with whatever is the outcome of our chat. <— Ding, ding, ding. This is what I meant.

Now, how can I be completely sure the person reading this takes it in the sense that I meant it to be taken? The no-derivatives policy. Only when someone reads or knows the reason why you said something, do they get what you mean.#iukwim

Holy shit, this is some production level stuff right here. Need to publish this on Medium right now. Published after 1 hour.

It is actually an effort to end an article on a high note. Side note: Can use Morty as a subtle replacement for “Dear Diary”

You don’t know shi*, Morty. That’s what I’m talking about.

Some rights reserved.

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