Day 34: Introspection?

1 min read    05 Jun 2017    

Saw a video and Shashi Tharoor’s speech at Oxford today and it’s really inspiring. Are we just doing things that momentarily provide us happiness, without a real consequence, or should our actions help in the greater good, where greater refers to the community, India or perhaps the world. How short sighted are we, whne we think about our own personal goals, and things which we obsess over, which hold no real value in this world. I for one, would like to stop being so self-obsessed and short sighted, and look at the bigger picture. Is my work, in any way reflecting my thoughts and emotions, or am I hypcorite to my core, with no real values, and a hollow body. This might be considered childish, but this thought, has fueled my mind and my soul since I was young, and will never make me feel stupid or naive, because this feeling is what drives me to change, to prosper, not for myself, but for humanity as a whole.

A quote from a TED talk - Good is not the opposite of bad, good is the opposite of selfish.

Also, will be using TED style licensing: Attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives. - This implies someone who uses your material attributes it to you, they can use it as long as they do it for non-commercial reasons, and they cannot remix your wordings to make it look conspicous, non-derivative forms can only be distributed.

Because of the elaborate planning and time involved in personalised feeds, I will be working on another object, building it from the ground up to deploying it by the end of the week. All CRUD options have to be completed. Let’s see how this goes.

Will be sleeping by 11 PM tonight, just to check if morning productivity is any better.

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