Fitting in and purpose

1 min read    21 Jun 2017    

Discovered an interesting project today called What the thing. Basically, you point the camera somewhere, take a photo, and it will detect what thing it is, along with what the thing is called in another language.

Also, I was told I understood abstraction too well, and should probably remove the added level of abstraction I had inadvertantly slipped in.

You know, in the first year, everyone’s desperate to make new friends. Say, there are 3 people, 2 of whom begin speaking a language Y the third one is completely unfamiliar with. The third guy, clueless says, bros talk in a language all of us are familiar with. Then come the lamest excuse I’ve come to hate: Arre yaar, Y is so similar to {common language} na. WRONG. YOU COULD NOT BE F***ING WRONG. Obviously, they are not same. The fact that the complete nation identifies them as two different languages makes them 2 DIFFERENT languages. What you could have possibly meant is, it is not hard to understand the language Y provided your current knowledge of languages. One should not be willing to disown the cultural exoticity of their language at the drop of a hat just to fit in. You did not create the language, so you shall have no authority to dismiss their differences. IT should also be our differences that bring us together, rather than just the similarities. Make friends because they were similar to you, but keep them as friends because they were different from you. Does that make any sense ? I don’t really care at the moment.

Doctor Who S10E10 - We all have a purpose - a mission in our lives, that we must fulfill. We can’t pick on every fight that we can, because it’s not our destiny to fight all the fights that we ever encounter. We have higher purposes and goals to fulfill - as in pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in the grand plan of the architect, the one who created us. WTF.

Transpiling urlparamify so that it can be uglified later.

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