Day 53: Elementary, dear watson

My experience with Elementary OS

1 min read    24 Jun 2017    

Resolving cyclic dependency in models: Pass it down as an argument for a specific function. Models are invoked only once in controllers. This is because models are loaded alphabetically hence causing some models to be passed as {}

My experience with elementary OS:

Elementary OS is a debian-based OS which helps iOS users to smoothly transition into Linux based systems. The aesthetic is similar to iOS, altough I think it is based on gnome, given my 2 month experience with gnome. It is relatively simple to use, and looks easy on the eye. Fair warning : I’ve used it only for 2 weeks. Altough the system is good for beginners, it is not for someone like me who likes to tweak around their system. Ubuntu offers more configuration than elementary. You can try it out here. You can donate for the iso file, however you can choose to donate $0 for the work that the developers of elementaryOS have put in. Good for a rookie, but not good enough for someone who has been using linux for more than an year.

Nepotism and lobbying: It’s everywhere. In CDC interns, in getting a job. A lot of things are not based on merit, they’re based on finding the right bakra.

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