Day 8: Working with elastic

< 1 min read    10 May 2017    

It’s 12:09 am and Gaurav finally fixed c0derunR for heroku ! :smile: You can see it on heroku.

The mean time from my PG to office is 22 min. Under optimal circumstances, it reduces to 18. Maybe make an interesting plot about this.

Index elasticsearch for orders, scripts check when to reindex orders. Reindex when order cancelled, delivery etc.

How to test? With sense.

  • ssh into 139 waala.
  • check running docker with - docker ps -a
  • check if kibana container is on, if not - docker restart kibana
  • Go to 139..:5601/app/sense to check for making queries.
  • url: http://elasticsearch:9200

Elastic search reference.

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