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Do you want to win or not?

1 min read    02 Aug 2017    

Having represented my school at debate and elocution competitions, winning most of them within the confines of my school, and having practised the art of speech delivery, my natural tone is a motivational one, which I want to be heard.

Participating in open IIT English debate, and failing to match the expectations of a debate piece, I felt the years of practise and experience go waste. My diction was off, my pauses missed, and at one point a friend just said, “Hold down the theatricals”. But this story is not about me.

It’s about Indian schools practising speeches, yet turning a deaf ear to what the diversity of the worls unseen had to offer.

Ever since Jodie Whittaker was annonced as the 13th doctor, I had the ever so brilliant idea to watch Broadchurch, a British TV crime-thriller which she stars in. The way Scottish accent goes, completely threw off my concept of regular pauses through the window.

Pauses in the Scottish English have a rhythm to themselves - poetic, if one might say. As if prose converted to poems, without the need of rhyme. I learned, listen more, hear more, and accept; that people different from you aren’t wrong - they have their own mannerisms and nuisance, that makes perfect sense to them.

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