Day 42: Cultural appropriation and Doctor Who

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  • Woman: An object for constant judgement Watching the beginning of Kal Ho na Ho, and the intro starts with Preity Zinta jogging across the streets of New York, does everyone, including other women, constantly judge other women ?


I felt the urge to write this since a long while. Why is cultural appropriation a thing ? When Scarlett Johanson played the lead in Ghost in the Shell, people all over got agitated for no reason, claiming the lead should have been Chinese, notably Lucy Liu. To those unfamiliar, Lucy Liu plays Joanna Watson, who’s actually John Watson, A British doctor from the elizabethian era. Can Lucy Liu not see her own irony here? You’re a Chinese woman, playing a British doctor, [Lucy is no way a doctor], from 150 YEARS AGO. Where is the appropriation here? Here’s my 2 cents. Let every industry make movies and cast their crew as they desire. If it’s Hollywood who’s making the movie, let them decide who plays what. People get offended ? Alright, let them make the same movie, casting their ,idk ,their dog as the lead. I do understand there’s a fine line to maintain, so that it doesn’t offend anyone, but casting should be focused on who’s right for the role, not what race they must be.


  • A weird similarity between Kal ho na ho and Ye jawaani hai deewani: Chashmish Naina who learns how to live life by our hero

The structure of every doctor who episode ever:

Every story begins with this, the doctor talking their companion into an adventure, something mystersious and eerie, that the doctor is somehow acquainted to. The interesting yet dangerous entity is angered, or the situation worsened because of a character, preferably human, not listening to what the Doctor has to say. The entity wrecks havoc which the Doctor is able to resolve thanks to his intellect and charm, and the day is saved, either by the Doctor, or a kind and benevolant character, again preferably a human. Little hints are put into continue the larger narrative for each season.

Now something that intrigues fans about Doctor who, is the companions are all English women, of the current era. Well, to those bitter fans, I’d like to point out, birds of the same feather flock together. Only because of the conditions on Gallifrey, does the Doctor find himself so akin to the modern era English women. I’m not being racist here, but in a group of strangers, I wil hang around the person with whom I share the most in common, or rather, have the least of differences. You think Indians and Pakistanis don’t go together? Put them in a room of white men, and I bet they’ll be nitpicking about the goras in a fusion of Hindi and Urdu.

Not another teen movie is such a great movie. Half an hour in, and there’s already references to Breakfast club, feris bueller’s day off, and some other movies whose names escape me at the moment.

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