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Appreciating the gift that is Craig Ferguson.

1 min read    30 Aug 2017    

I’ve had had enough of TV talk shows, because at some point they start becoming predictable and falls into a loop. I’m not even talking about talk shows in India, this is about American talk shows.

Watching Jimmy Fallon enforcing laughter and “fun”, and how cool is that became a headache, so the commercials felt more interesting. Jimmy Kimmel never felt interesting for me. Overall, interviews across shows started having the same mundance overtones across celebrities.

On a friend’s recommendation, I started watching Craig Ferguson’s Late Late show. First off, the show starts with Craig tearing away the prompts the show’s writers give them, and everything you see is improvised. Invited celebrities actually seem to enjoy and constant absurdity in Craig’s show had me hooked. And then I found this.


This article is more or less on similar lines of the video, some parts even taken as it is. Craig Ferguson was the host for 10 long years, of which I’ve already watched 70 hours of. (I started somewhere in Jan ‘17). I’ve watched interviews of celebs I’ve never heard of, and yet managed to stay entertained, which is seldom the case with other talk shows.

Craig has sought off to completely destroy any structure whatsoever in his show. He doesn’t even act responsible, and that makes it weird yet funny; a characteristic of British comedy perhaps? (He’s Scottish). The camarederie between the host and co-host is amazing, often leads to them laughing on stage. Oh, and did I mention, the co-host is a gay robotic milk-chocolate-loving skeleton named Geoff?


And then there’s a dancing horse Secterariat.


Generally I would expect big celebrities to be better than us, and more formal and high-society types. On Craig’s show, that illusion is shattered, time and again. Oh, and can we come to the segments his show has? From the lesbian row to innuendos galore to the show ending with either of an awkward pause, mouth organ or a cash prize.

Just watch the first 2 minutes of his last episode, and you’ll get a glimpse of what I’m talking about.


Something that Craig has very well understood is life’s full of awkward pauses, instead of neglecting them, celebrate them. (4:22 in the first video). In Craig’s own words, what he has managed to do is make something that wasn’t here before. Isn’t that kind of the point?

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