My name is Kaustubh Hiware, and I’m on a mission. I am an aspring computer scientist and engineer, a developer, a desperately-trying-to-be-a-writer and experimenter (WOW). I love learning new things, and apply what I’ve learned by building something worthwhile. Most of the time, I’ll be programming or tweaking my linux system while listening to music. Or research ing someone.

What’s this mission I’m talking about ?

Humans have incredibly short lifespans, and there is so much to learn from everyone. The best way for a person to make an impact in their lives in just pass on what they know. I couldn’t even list down all the sources that have shaped my thought process, and I think I’ve acquired sufficient information that I think is worthwhile enough to pass ahead. Life’s too short to be serious, so you shall see from my posts (you have been warned). In purely Rick and Morty terms, I’m here if you need to talk.

Mostly I’ll be writing about research, linux, life (amazing) and everything in between. And not in between. I am a fan of TV series, movies and meta-references. You can expect to see a lot of them in this blog.

What’s with the name?

Who KARES ? - Kaustubh’s Abstractions, Rants, Epiphanies and Such. I’m lowering your expectations already. Get ready to be disappointed. If I write a pathetic blog entry, and you are frustrated after reading it, I did give a fair warning. However, that will also increase your appreciation of any of the partly-good written and rarely the well-written entries. That makes both of us equally disappointed / impressed.

If you want to know more about me or why this blog