Sublime vs. Atom ?


< 1 min read    12 May 2017    

I’m a simple man, I need visual editors.

Sublime vs. Atom ? Features list. Each has its own use case, Atom great for small projects, and Markdown and frontend projects, altough I have seen backend leads use Atom.

Subl is lighter, faster hence preferred for large files, or server files. It has a neat definitions tag, which might be available as an extension in Atom, but Atom is already bulky. Subl is no match to Atom for Markdown related stuff.

Atom better for collaborative, git monitored projects, since Sublime’s sidebar API and files API is not as exploitable as Atom’s.

Atom’s build in HTML, which makes it sometimes a matter of ridicule. Atom is open source, Sublime is not.

However, while editing files on a server, speed plays a crucial factor. Editing server files with Atom is really slow, and dealing with files > 5MB really shows why atom needs massive improvements.

The article was written in May 2017, but as of Feb 2018, the speed difference only widens.

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