Day 18: Experiments with KDE and React

< 1 min read    20 May 2017    

Configuring KWin systemsettings~ 100 Mb

Used Alt + Tab combo. Left drag, right drag for all desktop, current desktop

Changing the cubecap.png install kwin workspace

sudo apt-get install kde-cli-tools

xfce’s default workspace switcher not working. moving app to another workspace using xdotool getactivewindow set_desktop_for_window 0 Bar colour set to arc dark [not transparent] theme. Arc colour - #313742

might need this for complete systemsettings:

sudo dpkg -r  account-plugin-google unity-scope-gdrive
sudo apt-get -f install

Paper got accepted :D. Here:


React talk

Activity/state driven.

React does not have fixed tree structure, a lot of structures are possible.

React is state driven, it dictates UI.

Each state must point to distinct UI.

Props are immutable, see reconciliation algo


Talk about extensions installed in subliome in another blog

gitgutter - sidebar diff in git controlled

npm install -g jshint jshint [base] jshint-gutter [sidebar highlighting] sublimeLinter-jshint

react [right now] - might have to disable all jshint extensions npm install -g jsxhint

sublimeLinter-jsxhint babel-sublime

Use create-react-app to get started.

dev on

Create ToDO app first. Lifesaver

React React Native Reconciliation (Understand tree diffing and selective rendering) Redux Node.js

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