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Bhaiya I will be going to IIT - A 13 yr old with no clue

2 min read    11 Jul 2017    

IIT-JEE (Indian Institute of Technology - Joint Entrance Exam) is one of the toughest exam to crack, given that 1.4 million applicants write the exam per year for 10 thousand seats. (Acceptance rate: 0.7%). These are centrally funded institutes of education, and would explain all the hype.

In the last 3 days, I’ve interacted with 3 JEE aspirants. Each of them felt they deserve the best IIT, although on the other hand, they don’t have 80% in their school exams. (JEE is one of those exams where excellent school exam perfomance is correlated to performance in JEE).

As a person, I would never understand why someone would be so convinced that they can proclaim they deserve the very best? This is different from being confident towards our goal or being motivated. And therein lies the problem. Some applicants start living a lie, and worse, this situation is somewhat fueled by their parents; which in turn causes themself to associate self as something they’re not; or something they might not be capable of.

Like every JEE applicant, I did attend a coaching for the exam as well. Before the first introductory seminar, where students were dropped in a hall by parents, my mother remarked how every parent had a spark of hope in their eyes, Mera bachcha IIT jayega (My child will go to IIT).

But this leads to delusion. Delusion that runs for 2 years. Delusion that doesn’t stop even after the results are out and people still believe they got 95 / 100 even though the scorecard says 80. Some teenagers need to accept what they want might not be what they get. That is not a attribute taught in schools. Acceptance is probably the first stage of a succesful recovery, in a journey to what they want or what destiny defines for them. They really need to grow up.

Or maybe that is the problem? What if; parents, under the impression of providing for their child, providing access to resources they never had, compromise on the child’s maturity ? The child could end up losing a lot of time defining their own individuality and independence.

So how do we resolve this situation? What’s the plan of action here to rectify this?

I don’t have the answers. But maybe that’s the point. Knowing that there is so much to find out should be a step in the right direction.

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