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2 min read    11 Oct 2017    

I think we need to address it. Friends is not a good show. It’s always sunny in Philideplhia is a much better show than that.

Friends has really good and strong characters, but admit it, they’re all a//eholes.

Friends is about 6 “friends” who’re really self-centred people, that defies logic, which guilts you into laughing by playing the same laugh track again and again. The things they do are not logical, and I don’t mean they’re not doing the right thing, that’s not anyone whom I know would do in that kind of situation. The people who know me know I’m a serious binge-watcher and I have never watched less than 3 episodes of any series at a time. Friends is the only show that I have never watched 2 episodes of simultaneously. It’s untolerable.

I don’t mean Friends is not a good show, I understand that people like watching it, but there’s no way I understand they enjoy watching it again and again, and not see how self-centred the characters are. I have watched 30 episodes of it or so.

I’m watching another show, It’s always sunny in Philideplhia, and it feels really similar to Friends. But it’s better.

It’s about 5 idiots and their daily lives. The show never glorifies them, it treats them as idiots. Even their title track isn’t patronizing. It’s the simplest music. It shows people as they are, flawed and stupid. Friends shows people as self-centred and justified in every thing they do.

Can we discuss for a moment their fabulous title placements, S08E08 S10E06 S10E07, and a lot of them.

Most of them contradict what the character just said, and that actually gets a laugh. They never use the fake laugh trick, and every action that these idiots take are actually what people do in real life. It’s rarely the right thing to do, if that’s what you think. Friends is not realistic, so stop pretending it’s a classic. It’s really shitty.

Another thing that makes IASIP a better show, is 3 of the main characters are actually writers, producers and direcing the show as well. That is one thing Friends lack. It has actors, who portray the roles they’re told to, and add their own flavor to it, but acting AND writing, that changes the game completely.

Now, why should you believe me? Friends started at a time when not a lot of popular shows were broadcasted, it ran for 10 years. IASIP’s running for 12. Friends has 236 episodes, 10 seasons. IASIP has 153, in 12 seasons. Season 13 coming back in 2018, so still going strong. This is when a lot of shows are running at the same time, so IASIP has survived not only the test of time, but is still popular among a much tougher competition, and a atleast 2 new seasons still coming up. Both have similar IMDB rating, so that is not something I can use for my case. (Friends: 8.9, IASIP: 8.8).

Infact, IASIP moved to FXX from FX, a new channel from season 9 (2013), and it’s still running.

If you want to watch Friends, don’t. Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philideplhia instead.

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