Day 38: Jenkins part 2

1 min read    09 Jun 2017    

Turns out I can use bluetoothctl to connect to my headset straight away. Every day I drift further from reality into the depths of linux. So, basically connecting to my headphones in ubuntu is by writing 4 commands in my terminal, and no other way.

Write a blog “Using wireless headphones with xfce” - blueman, bluetoothctl is all you need. Describe initial config via connecting with unity, then logging into xfce.

The work for tests has been done. How to setup:

  • Install newman and jenkins on server to run jenkins on.
  • Install bitbucket plugin on jenkins. NEED TO RESTART THO.
  • Get a webhook from bitbucket.
  • Create a new job as per http://ip:8080 => bitbucket. Copy all the credentials from there. Add webhook here. Login credentials for both jenkins server will be same as the original MVP.
  • Need to allow alfred_ user in bitbucket, so that private repo can be accessed. User alfred_, pass: production
  • Create a dev branch with a collections of tests from postman using export, along with environments. This is available on my fork. Make a new branch dev on server. Run only on push to dev branch, which is only for jenkins testing.
  • Add new collection to be run in jenkins/tests/ from postman using export option in > menu.
  • from root dir, run sh jenkins/ $environment for local testing. Environment can be test, dev-local or production. Default is test.

In other events, I did these tasks as well:

  • Generate tv4 [tiny-validator] scheme for tests, given a valid JSON object.

Using npm module json-schema-generator, this is possible.

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