Day 37: Jenkins and Neville Shah

Jenkins and Neville Shah

< 1 min read    08 Jun 2017    

Looking up how to setup Jenkins for test suite.


Awesome takeaway from Neville Shah’s prime featurette: I can’t trust any atheists. Their core thought is based on disbelief. They beleive that every other belief is a disbelief. Atleast with believers, there’s a doubt. And doubt is one of the core human qualities. With atheism, atheists themselves do not realise that atheism itself has become a religion.

This guy shouldn’t be doing only standup. He has pretty great thoughts, this is so well thought of, not like some others voicing popular ideas. I do understand Neville’s words aren’t his own entirely, but still. It’s not every standup joke that makes you go, shit bro that’s deep. This is also because of the fact that his mum died, and death often leads to some of the greatest ideas in mankind.

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