Day 26: Tiling consoles


1 min read    28 May 2017    

Discovering Tilix: Love at first sight

I’m a complex man. I want shortcuts configured to everything. I want information constantly. I want to keep track of my CPU usage, RAM usage and ping at all times. I want to be notified everytime a terminal process completes. I had a staunch hate against guake like terminals, because

a) I can’t keep track of open terminals

b) My pokemon-go account got banned when I was running the script in guake.

Sometimes I want to run multiple commands in terminal and see the status of each one, without having a lot of clicking. Welcome tilix. Talk about opening tabs, up down below, resizing terminals. Switching between different terminals, and just how beautiful tilix is.

30 minutes past configuring tilix, and it’s already my favorite terminal emulator. I’ve already pinged it to my dock [This is like commiting to a relationship for me], and changed the icon for it [I am open to change, but some things look good just the way they are] (go to /usr/share/applications for that).

Fixed the nautilus right click options.

This also included changing the right click menu

Setting the default terminal size? Use tput tput lines, tput cols

Right click se bhi split possible. I’ve heard about konsole, and I do use KWin, so why not that ? Because I want atleast my terminal to be reliable. Not pointing any fingers, but possibly due to my RAM limitations, KWin has crashed quite a few times. Tilix has been ranked as the 4th best terminal, reference.

Immense thanks go out to Himanshu and Pragyan for introducing this beauty to me.

Random thought for the day:

Are we just monuments of our sins ?

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