Day 24 Intern

Windows and recovery. Academic result out.

1 min read    26 May 2017    

The recovery guy said it will take atleast 2 days to recover data. I have spent 7 hrs+ on fixing my hard disk with Recover ultimate. Using GetDataSimple, it takes 10 hrs. Only after running it for 1:30 hrs I realised, its hours not minutes. So will see whether or not to give it to the recovery guy [ The issue is not money, nor time. Most cases, when they say 2 days, it often takes 5 days, and might damage the hard disk beyond repair: Speaking from 2 past instances. The only problem is, I’m not able to understand what the recovered logs say. I have no expertise in that domain. So will have to use that approach sadly. :sweat: ]

Lesson learned for the day: Windows will mercilessly destroy all your ntfs files. Never use the same hard drive for ubuntu and Windows ever again.

So, my results for this sem came out. I was expecting something close to 7.5 given that I had straight up ignored academics this sem focusing on GSoC, had quite some riffs with NG, has BS EVS, chose to group with people I’ve never worked with in EDA, and pretty much f***ed up OS. My current CG was in the 8 - 8.5 range, so the only way CG could perhaps help me during internship was if I could get a CG of 8.5. But that would require an SG of 10.1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Thanks for our attention. Here’s something which helped me survive this semester.

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