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The code structure of any nodejs backend is classified into:

  • Models ->
  • controllers->
  • routes ->

nodejs : asynchronous, does not follow line by line

can add a gist as well

var x = 1;
e = 2;
var f = function() {
     e = 3;
     function g() { /*see clojure*/
    var e;

o/p => 3

js => single thread

Can use this for code highlighting:

async => single thread, parallel results. Wait for all to finish.

JS not good for computation and ML, good for I/O related operations.

event programming

event.emit(“hello”, “world”)

For every new feature to be added, shouldn’t have to rewrite frontend as well package: ngAdmin - angular robomongo: 27017

Robomongo / Robo3T offers a great UI for viewing Mongo records.

UI changes may be needed for symlink, since now returns only mongo-id, need proper id.

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