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1 min read    16 Aug 2017    

This is internship season back at KGP (Kharagpur). One of the companies to visit the campus was Bidgely, a startup by 2 IITians in Sunnyvale. I thought it might be a good idea to write down how it all went down.

The first round was a hackerrank test of 30 minutes, in 2 sections. Section 1 had 7 MCQs with marking scheme (+5, -2). Section 2 comprised of 2 coding questions, relatively easy to solve, but due to limited time, I don’t think anyone could’ve completed both.

Luckily I got shortlisted in the first round, along with 5 others. I had applied for Data Scientist profile. The other profile was Software, for which 3 people were shortlisted. The second interview was over Skype. The 2 other applicants had a video call with people from Bangalore. They were asked to explain the algorithm for a single question, and some puzzles.

I had an audio call with someone from Berkely, US. Due to connectivity issues, my interview which was supposed to go for an hour was winded up in 40 minutes. 2 questions were asked.

  • Given a number n, you need to print all permutations of numbers upto n. Say n = 3, you need to print [1,2,3], [2,3,1] and so on. I was asked to explain the pseudocode first on, and then write proper functioning code. I took time to write down the code, but since my interview was delayed, the interviewer asked me to complete the question after the interview and send it to him.

  • The second question was based on ML, of which I had not done much. Given the graph of a dataset looks like V, and the equations as: if (x > x0): y ~ a1x + b1 + noise1 else: y ~ a2x + b2 + noise2 How will you fit this model for these 5 parameters? I had no idea what the question meant, so he dumbed it down for me. I answered. He wasn’t satisfied. In this question, if the 2 lines were both positively sloped, how would you solve it? What would be the complexity of such a solver?

Overall, it went OK. A day later, the results came in. No one was shortlisted for Data, only one for Software :/

Lena nahi hai toh aate kyu ho.

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