Bengaluru Darshini [Day 11, 12]

Making my way down town

4 min read    13 May 2017    

This is a extremely hacky version of my day at Bengaluru darshini. This is not how I write, but I would prefer to keep it as it is.

7:45 Bus from Adipu chuka to Kempegowda Bus station

7:47 bus Evil bus rips my jeans (just a 2 cm tear). Elders generally believe this is an indication of averted trouble, since I’ll be cautious throughout the day.

Majestic?, the TT asks

Well yeah, i think

I meant the bus station :expressionless: , he replies

8:06 seems there are interesting events around Bangalore. Dang, should have checked.

8:50 bus supposed to leave. It’s 9:05 and hasn’t left yet. Bloody Indians, amrite? Some people are late for this shit

Finally leaving at 9:23 wow

1 NOV 2014 reverted back to Bengaluru from Bangalore

The group consists of 1 foreigner, rest Tamilians and Mallus, except me. Kannada people illa. So I am a Marathi person studying in Bong land, living in Kannada land, and I speak fluent Hindi and English. Wtf is this diversity.

Kempegowda is the landlord who started off Bengaluru init.

9:45 Bengaluru has a metro. Use it once. Orion mall

What is the stupidest thing to write outside an hospital? Your Faith shall heal you.

10:35 Leave iskcon

Likes every South movie, there’s a fat small man desperately trying to be funny. Seeing him, someone would hang out with him only if he’s funny. Matlab uski majboori hai.

Bengaluru is boiled beans town. Story origin is also like Shivaji’s khichdi story. Old woman in hut serves food. Bendakaaluru

The Bendakaluru story was sung by the guide in Kannada, Tamil, Telegu and English.

Traded silk, now silicon Valley.

Tip sultan summer palace made with wood, except walls. First to make metal cylinders for rockets. Indo Islamic style French archi

Cinepolis 11:09

Front back symmetric

11:30 tipu sultan palace

11:54 left Tipu

12:07 - 12:25 Gavi gadareshwara is 480 yrs old

12:30 - 12:40 bull temple

13:01 - 13:25 lunch

13:30 Botanical again

From a previous visit.

What’s the point for charging 20 rupee ticket and 50 rupee camera charge. Why would I ever willingly pay 50 more. This is place Where people come with their families or to make one.

Today I met a recently wedded couple, both were chemistry teachers. Might I say, their chemistry wasn’t as strong as I expected.

upto 2:50 in botanical Then silk saree centre

15:27 Bangalore central

15::33 m g road

16:00 vishveshrvaraya industrial and technical mueseum, kasturba road

17:30 return to bus station

Is that yours ? I ask to a mother, pointimg to her stupid son

Thanks for an amazing day ! 😄

17:48 journey ends

I come to the realisationn, that I’ve written twice as many lines of blog/documentation than code in banglore.

Always keep tickets (I’ve forgotten my way home and I don’t know which place to go). Phone dead , another phone near useless. Needed to know taverekere. Power bank wouldn’t hurt. At that point my legs were exhausted, so if a kind stranger would’ve shown me the path to my PG and I somehow managed to memorise it, walking 8.8 km at that level of fatique would take me 2.5 hours to reach anywhere near my PG.

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