A time before time

< 1 min read    10 Aug 2017    

I’ve just started watching Game of Thrones, and I often wonder to myself, how much time they had, and no idea how to spend it. Most of the men must have spent their evenings moving from one brothel to another, mounting anything that moves.

Now, Game of thrones is a popular show, and rightly so. It’s based on books, and from my experience, George RR Martin follows the concept of Show, Don’t Tell in books as well. Instead of speaking someone had a large army, we’d be shown leagues of soldiers, ready on command. This often leads to situational comedy, which I admit occurs more frequently than one would imagine. Or it just might be my twisted sense of humour. For instance, Tyrion Lannister, a dwarf, says (S05E02)” Will Cersei kill all the dwarves to kill me?”, and the immediate next scene is the head of a dwarf presented to Cersei by a bounty hunter.

But there’s been a lack of trust these days. With internet in our hands, there is instant verification of any story you might hear, unlike in the past where certain stories would’ve been unverifiable.

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